Wednesday, November 30, 2011

news from thanksgiving

what a poopy blogger I've been.
For reals.
Someone should fire me.

I want to tell y'all about our vunderbar Thanksgiving!!

It was so incredibly 
AND it was amazingly fun.

We went to San Diego to be with my familia.
The weather was gorgeous. We wore T-shirts a whole lot and even went to the beach.
70 degree Novembers are the best I should think.

I don't think you realize how great my family is.
I love them so much.
They are so spunky and loud and crazy and I just love them.
Being home was like a gulp of fresh air after what's been a psycho semester.

During our time in San Diego we:

Went to Nico's Taco Shop. Best California burritos on the planet. Only southern California does Mexican food right in the U.S.

 I'm such a whitey! ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Played Rock Band. Yeah baby.

Ran a 10k on Thanksgiving day in downtown SD.
As you probably realized, Brett and I never ran the Halloween Half Marathon. We found that we weren't prepared enough so decided to run a Thanksgiving 10k instead. O well, there's always next year.

The Morse family ran with us and we had a blast.

My brother ran the 5k there and got 2nd in his age group and 14th overall! Out of many many many people. I'm so proud of him. What an athletic stud. He won a prize.

We also ate a ridiculous amount of food. Probably more than I should admit to.
But I'm young, so whatever. I'll watch how much I eat when I'm 50 :D

Thanksgiving dinner:

 pretty pretty Briana.

 waiting expectantly in line for dinner.

we tried to take a stairs family picture and failed.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with my Nana and Poppop, some of their friends and the Morses (my dad's stepsister's family) at a country clubhouse.

 Nana and Poppop.

 Whilst eating.

the Morse family.

To prevent this post from becoming as long as Crime and Punishment, I'm going to finish sharing about our Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. or maybe Friday or Monday or something. 
who knows these days.

I hope you had as incredible Thanksgiving as Brett and I did!

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