Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love Halloween, most especially because I love dressing up. 
But, I love to see everyone's awesome and funny costumes. 
On campus, a guy came into the library dressed as the Sexy Saxophone guy from youtube and started playing the song right in the middle of the atrium. It was hilarious!
 And there were a bunch of costumed people randomly dancing to Paper Planes in one of the quads.
And the belltower was playing the Harry Potter theme song.
I just love that everyone gets into it!

As for our Halloween plans:
We had a Halloween party without costumes at the McCloskey's on Sunday!


frolicked in the leaves

ate yummy food and carved pumpkins

Might I add that carving pumpkins takes way too long. I guess I have a short attention span.

On actual Halloween, Brett and I went to a Halloween party at Sammy and Alex's.
We were dressed as:


At the party we bobbed for apples

Brett won!
and did the doughnut eating contest where you can't use your hands

and played some other games.

I o so love Halloween.

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