Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what we did

In D.C. we:

walked around the Capitol building

ate buckwheat blueberry pancakes and grits and shopped at the Eastern Market

these are awesome giraffes that a folk artist made out of soda cans!

went to the Library of Congress

We went on a tour there and then Tara, Ashley, mommy-in-law and I got  
Library of Congress library cards!
 We went into the main reading room where National Treasure was filmed and everything! It was amazing! And so beautiful! The walls were incredibly ornate and statues of famous writers and our founding fathers lined the room. ugh, I can't even put into words how stunning the place is.
The dome that was the ceiling was awe-inspiring. 
It was such a privilege to be able to look at all the books the library has to offer and witness the beauty of the main reading room.

We also walked around the monuments


Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

My absolute favorite is the Lincoln Memorial.

And we ate lots and lots of nummy food. 
What a great trip!
I want to do another one already!

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