Sunday, October 9, 2011


I feel overwhelmed right now in gratitude to my Heavenly Father.

I know for a fact that He loves me and blesses my life.

 Brett found us a car (he went home this weekend to get us one) and it is perfect and was super cheap. It's in wonderful condition and was such a steal. I feel so blessed that God helped us find the car that's within our price range and in mint condition.
He really looks out for Brett and I.

Also, I thought I had a giant paper due on Friday, and I was freaking out because I had just spent 6 and a half hours on another paper so I was really brain-dead, but turns out it's not due till November 16th!

And I know a lot of people in our ward (a group of people that we go to church with). One of my good friends from home is in our ward, and I know like 3 other girls from other random things. 
And everyone else in our ward is so nice and I feel so welcomed.

And I thought that I had a huge assignment due for Genealogy tomorrow, and I really didn't want to do it because I want to go to bed and sleep off my sickness (I've been really sick this weekend). Turns out that that giant assignment is due next week and that a much, much simpler assignment is due tomorrow that will take me a half hour max.

And, I heard a loud knock on the door today and someone running away. After a minute or so I opened the door, and found a plate of Halloween-decorated cupcakes with a sign saying we've been BOO-ed. The cupcakes are so yummy and it made me feel so loved that someone thought of Brett and I.

And I had such a wonderful day yesterday with girlfriends despite Brett being gone. I'll blog more on that later. I'm so blessed to have great people in my life.

And I've been wanting a bike for forever and Brett's good family friend just asked him if I wanted her cute bike with a basket in the front and everything! She said that she was going to give it to Good Will, but figured she'd ask if we wanted it first.

And when I came home from campus on Friday, Brett had put post-it notes all over the apartment saying cute things like "I'll miss you my beautiful wife" or "You'll be on my mind the whole time" and other lovely things to make me feel special.

And the sun was out today, so the weather's not so crappy and cold anymore.

And BYU won this weekend, always a blessing :)

And I talked to my best friend from home earlier this week and we caught up and it made me realize that even though I'm married, I still have single friends who care about me and love me.

And I had to read, comment on, and write response letters to eleven papers by last Thursday at noon (what I previously blogged about). I was going to wake up at 6 a.m. to finish, but I accidentally slept in till 8 a.m. I was flipping out because I thought I wouldn't have enough time to finish. But, I finished all the papers, and turned them in to my students with 5 minutes to spare.

I am so grateful for the tender mercies of God. I know that He knows me personally and I just feel showered with His love right now.

I know that Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ live and love all of us.

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