Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the woes of running and a mystery gift

This morning I went running for the first time in a
long, long, long time.
And man it showed.
I was huffing and puffing and gasping for air
and seriously considering stopping and going back home and laying in my bed
after about four minutes.
Four minutes!
 Come on Victoria!

I guess I am ridiculously out of shape.
Granted, I didn't work out a lot this summer
and the altitude here is unreal.
But, still.

Brett and I are running the 
on October 29
so I need to start
getting in shape
uhh now.

 Onto another story, Brett and I received this wonderful gift last night:

We heard a really loud, single knock on our door
last night and someone running away.
We thought some kid was playing tricks on us
so we ignored it and didn't even look
Hours later we opened our door to
go for a late night run
and saw the envelope pictured above.
We opened it and found the $50.

There was no name, no address, no nothing.

Dear person who gave this to us,
you are an angel.
Thank you for being so kind
and incredibly generous.
You made our day. . .
well actually our week.

Brett and I are so blessed to have
loving people in our lives.
Receiving this gift has made me want to serve more
because I know how happy an act of service
can make someone.

Smile, because life is wonderful.

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  1. brian and i have thought about doing the half marathon as well! we started running last weekend cause we were feeling the same way... but im not sure if we are going to be ready or not! hopefully!