Tuesday, September 13, 2011

picture and story overload

Finally found my camera cord to upload pictures! 
So prepare for picture overload and a bombardment of our recent life events.

Our last night in Minnesota, Brett and I went to the Mall of America.  
It was HUGE.  We got lost multiple times.  
There is this sweet amusement park there.  
We didn't ride any of the rides, 
but we took pictures and enjoyed people watching for a bit.

My camera got all funky, so the bottom picture is supposed to be me with the 
giant lego robot.  
The lego store was by far the coolest store there.

We ate at Famous Dave's BBQ in the mall. y.u.m.m.y!!!

Our meals.

And then it was off to Utah and a crazy first week that I mentioned in an earlier post 
and don't really want to think about every again ha!  

The first weekend in Provo we went to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival 
with my aunt and uncle, Kim and Rick, and my cousin Rachel.  
It's so nice to have family live close by.  
Their house is literally three minutes from campus (driving that is).  
I've never had family so close before I came to BYU, and it is 

Rachie poo and I.  She's so tan!

The hubbie and I.

 Aunt Kim and Uncle Rick McCloskey.  

So get this, Aunt Kim is my mom's sister, and Uncle Rick is my dad's brother.  
Brothers married sisters.  
My parents met at their wedding.  Adorable right?  
So their four kids (including Rachel) are my super-cousins.  
We are related to all the same people.
Fun fact about my family dynamics for the day.

The Storytelling Festival was so fun!  
There were about ten different people who shared stories and they were all hilarious!  
Aunt Kim was telling me that it is now the biggest storytelling festival in the world.  

After the festival, Brett and I went to visit our good friends Brian and Jennica Van Blerkom.  
It was nice to see some familiar faces after a life of solitude out in Minnesota.

Sorry, this post is turning into a novel of sorts.

My parents and sister, Briana, drove up from SD on Labor Day
to deliver all of our wedding gifts on their way to drop Bri off at BYU-Idaho. 
They packed up a giant trailer for us
full of all our new kitchen stuff and towels and bedding and everything.
It was so nice to finally get it all!
And it was great to see mi familia too of course.

 My funny dad.

My mom helping me put away all our kitchen stuff.

While my family was here we went to Zupa's, played Boggle, 
watched Just Like Heaven (best chick flick eva!), laughed a lot, 
debated about science and religion, ate, and watched
Dirty Dancing (requested by Jessie McCloskey).

 Our messy messy living room after all our wedding gifts arrived.

 Our "study".  Yeah, we got a lot of work to do.

But we're happy anyway.

This past weekend the hubbie and I went to Texas Roadhouse with said Brian and Jennica and our good friends Stephen and Erin. Yummy food.
We also got a sectional! Woo! 
We finally have some furniture in our living room. Hallelujah.
One of our neighbors helped us move the sectional into our place and his wife invited us over for tacos after.  
We have neighbor friends now. I'm so relieved.

Rachel turned 17 on Sunday (September 11th), 
so we spent the evening at her house and ate amazing shish kabobs.
Happy Birthday cuzzie wuz.

So that is our life.  And that was probably the longest post I've ever done.  
Go me! And go whoever actually read all of it (aka my mama).

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  1. i read it too victoria! yay for hanging out twice in one week! hopefully we will be hiking timp soon too@@!!!