Saturday, September 17, 2011


life is lovely.
Especially when you have fun with friends.
And discover things that make you really happy.

And that all happened yesterday.

New discovery: towel turban (specifically a little turban made out of towel material to wrap around your head). 
It came in a little bathroom kit my mama gave Brett and me.
I love it! And Brett does too because he hates when I let my hair drip on the floor after taking a shower. That has probably been the thing that bugs him the most since we got married ha!
So happy to have a towel turban.

Brett is too :)

Last night, we went to see our good friends Scott and Lindsey.
They made us burgers (d.e.l.i.s.h.) and we ate ice cream, played Blockus
talked and watched Something Borrowed.

 It's so fun and different to hang out with married friends.
I like it and I like bonding with the other wives because
they are young too and can give me advice about
how to be a good wife.  Haha, being a wife is hard ok!

And Brett and I ended the night with some Cheeto Puffs.
Really bad for you, but ridiculously addictive.

We're getting our dinner table today, Huzzah!

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