Tuesday, September 13, 2011

living within our means

Brett is taking a Personal Finance class this semester and 
he is learning some really interesting stuff about how to save and spend money wisely.
Perfect subject for newlyweds I think.
He said that he has learned that the most important
step to becoming financially savvy and smart is to live
within your means.  And as a newlywed, that means to not splurge.
At all.

 I think going from being supported by our parents financially
to all of a sudden having to pay for everything ourselves
has been the biggest adjustment for me in marriage.
And although I can't speak for Brett on everything, 
I think he feels the same way.
We both went from relatively pampered lives to
the lives of a young, married couple in college
trying to get by.
But, it has been the most eye-opening experience
I'm actually extremely grateful for this chance 
to learn to save more and only spend
on the necessities.
I also have learned how to budget a lot better.

 It's been enjoyable to find creative and inexpensive ways 
to have fun.
I actually made a list of fun things we can do!
It includes:
Hiking the Y (duh!)
Cooking and trying new recipes (ok, this counts as free 
because all the food I'll get for the recipes will be from our food budget)
Going to a dollar movie
Playing the games that we got as wedding gifts (Cranium and such)
Picnic at Kiwanis Park
Going on a temple date
Visiting family
DIY projects (refinishing our furniture and making our condo look pretty)
And so much more :)

Anywho, we are looking to buy a car right now, 
so this principle of living within our means
applies most strongly.
I know all girls brag about their husbands on their blogs,
but I just want to say that I'm really grateful
for a hubbie who wants to save
so we won't get into big heaps of debt!

Yay for being frugal.

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