Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a kitty and family

Last Saturday, Bri and I had a few adventures and spent some time with family.

We went out to lunch with our good friend Beccy:

We ate at Mountain West Burrito, this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant out of a gas station on State Street. It was y.u.m.m.y. and really fresh! y'all should check it out!

Then we went to Walmart with Rachel and Jenna to buy 
Grandma and Aunt Diane (Jenna's mom) get well flowers 
(my Grandma just broke her ankle in three places and my Aunt Diane is going through chemotherapy).

Whilst exiting after we purchased the flowers, 
we saw this girl holding an adorable kitty. She told us that she was giving away kittens for free
and that there were only two left.
We all loooooove kitties,
and Jenna said that Aunt Diane wanted a new kitty and name it Chemo, 
so we took it!
Such randomness!

Here is the beautiful kitty named Rue:
(possibly named after the girl from The Hunger Games, but that doesn't matter)

 Isn't she adorable????

Turns out that Aunt Diane can't be around kitty litter, so Rachel is keeping her instead.
Uncle Rick (Rachel's dad) was not happy at first when she arrived home with a kitty in her arms ;)

Visiting Grandma and Aunt Diane was great:

 Grandma gave me this sign as a belated wedding present and I'm so excited to put it up in our apartment!
Me, Bri, Rachel and our cousin (and Jenna's sister) Tara at Aunt Diane's. Neither Aunt Diane nor Jenna wanted to be photoed because both thought they looked gross. Which they didn't. duh. But, they were there.

We finished the day at Rachel's house in Provo eating spaghetti and watching 
Lord of the Rings.
(O yeah, we are huge LOTR fans, something else to make us cool).

That was our amazing, kitty-filled weekend. 
Welcome to the family Rue!

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