Monday, September 26, 2011

the fantastic four

This weekend was so so fun.
It was a blast to hang out with my seester and family.
I'd like to say that I'm really close to my family, even my extended family, and most
especially my sister and two cousins in particular.

Briana, Rachel, Jenna and I make up what we like to call The Fantastic Four (original right).
We have all been best friends since I can remember.
We have tons of traditions together, 
like every year during Christmastime we dress up in crazy, clashing outfits and make up, walk around the mall and see how many weird looks we get. 
We love each other and we love spending time together and the best part about it is
we know we will always be friends.
Other friends come and go, but we will always have each other.

This weekend we all had a sleepover at mi casa.
And by sleepover, I mean painting-nails-watching-13-Going-on-30-and-Mean-Girls-putting-on-make-up-eating-oreos-and-cheese-puffs type of sleepover.
It was so nice to have girl time again.

Here are some of the pictures of our happy night:

Eating cookies in the world

my face looks really weird in this picture :D

These next pictures are very embarrassing and I'm sure Rachel and Jenna will kill me if they see that I posted these. But whatever, we're strange. Deal with it.

Crazy make up session with all of Bri's cool make up kits (she seriously has a billion eye shadow pallets)

That was our fantabulous sleepover. 
May you all become close to your sisters and cousins and enjoy in the splendor of girly sleepovers.

More about the weekend to come! Be excited!

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