Sunday, September 11, 2011

fall goals

Whilst bored in my British Literature from 1603-1660 class (you betcha it's a great class) I made a giant list of goals for the fall.
I love the fall.  It is the most beautiful season ever and it is filled with holidays!
I always feel more alive and efficient in the fall, because I pretty much slack off on everything during the summer.
So here are my goals for BYU Fall Semester 2011:

1) Hike Mt. Timpanogos. I want to do this sooooooooo bad and I have to do it soon, before it gets too cold and starts to snow up there.
2) Get straight A's....feasible I hope.
3) Finish reading the New Testament.
4) Run the Halloween 1/2 Marathon (Brett and I are going to start training on Monday.)
5) Facebook only ten minutes a day.  It's utterly amazing how much time you can waste on fb.
6) Cut my hair.  I'm sick of my hair being long.  I grew it out for our wedding and it's time to chop it off.
7) Stretch a lot.  Weird goal I know, but I used to be pretty darn flexible from being a dancer and now it's all escaping me.
8) Go to the temple weekly.  The temple is about 10 minutes from our condo.  We need to take advantage of that.
9) Blog four times a week.  Sometimes it's hard to find things to blog about.  Sometimes I think my life really isn't that interesting right now to create a blog post.  But, I will definitely attempt to blog four times a week.
10) Get published in Inscape, a creative writing journal on campus.  They get a lot of submissions each semester, so we'll see how that goes.

I have about 17 more goals that I wrote down whilst bored in class, but the rest are too boring or too personal to share.
So, that's what Victoria Candland will be up to this semester.
Do you have any fall goals?

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