Friday, September 30, 2011

you are wonderful

Dearest Husband,

You are wonderful. Thank you for bringing me flowers when I was really stressed

And then giving me an amazing massage with soothing Native American music playing in the background.

It made my day.

P.S. I made my first Pinterest recipe! BBQ chicken pizza!


Brett l.o.v.e.d. it.
Go here to get it.

"Happiness comes when you have a good husband." -Me

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a kitty and family

Last Saturday, Bri and I had a few adventures and spent some time with family.

We went out to lunch with our good friend Beccy:

We ate at Mountain West Burrito, this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant out of a gas station on State Street. It was y.u.m.m.y. and really fresh! y'all should check it out!

Then we went to Walmart with Rachel and Jenna to buy 
Grandma and Aunt Diane (Jenna's mom) get well flowers 
(my Grandma just broke her ankle in three places and my Aunt Diane is going through chemotherapy).

Whilst exiting after we purchased the flowers, 
we saw this girl holding an adorable kitty. She told us that she was giving away kittens for free
and that there were only two left.
We all loooooove kitties,
and Jenna said that Aunt Diane wanted a new kitty and name it Chemo, 
so we took it!
Such randomness!

Here is the beautiful kitty named Rue:
(possibly named after the girl from The Hunger Games, but that doesn't matter)

 Isn't she adorable????

Turns out that Aunt Diane can't be around kitty litter, so Rachel is keeping her instead.
Uncle Rick (Rachel's dad) was not happy at first when she arrived home with a kitty in her arms ;)

Visiting Grandma and Aunt Diane was great:

 Grandma gave me this sign as a belated wedding present and I'm so excited to put it up in our apartment!
Me, Bri, Rachel and our cousin (and Jenna's sister) Tara at Aunt Diane's. Neither Aunt Diane nor Jenna wanted to be photoed because both thought they looked gross. Which they didn't. duh. But, they were there.

We finished the day at Rachel's house in Provo eating spaghetti and watching 
Lord of the Rings.
(O yeah, we are huge LOTR fans, something else to make us cool).

That was our amazing, kitty-filled weekend. 
Welcome to the family Rue!

Monday, September 26, 2011

the fantastic four

This weekend was so so fun.
It was a blast to hang out with my seester and family.
I'd like to say that I'm really close to my family, even my extended family, and most
especially my sister and two cousins in particular.

Briana, Rachel, Jenna and I make up what we like to call The Fantastic Four (original right).
We have all been best friends since I can remember.
We have tons of traditions together, 
like every year during Christmastime we dress up in crazy, clashing outfits and make up, walk around the mall and see how many weird looks we get. 
We love each other and we love spending time together and the best part about it is
we know we will always be friends.
Other friends come and go, but we will always have each other.

This weekend we all had a sleepover at mi casa.
And by sleepover, I mean painting-nails-watching-13-Going-on-30-and-Mean-Girls-putting-on-make-up-eating-oreos-and-cheese-puffs type of sleepover.
It was so nice to have girl time again.

Here are some of the pictures of our happy night:

Eating cookies in the world

my face looks really weird in this picture :D

These next pictures are very embarrassing and I'm sure Rachel and Jenna will kill me if they see that I posted these. But whatever, we're strange. Deal with it.

Crazy make up session with all of Bri's cool make up kits (she seriously has a billion eye shadow pallets)

That was our fantabulous sleepover. 
May you all become close to your sisters and cousins and enjoy in the splendor of girly sleepovers.

More about the weekend to come! Be excited!

Friday, September 23, 2011

sister time!

My sister is coming down from Idaho this weekend and staying with me and I'm stoked!
We will have great fun.
I'm glad she'll be here to keep me company
because Brett's going home this weekend
to look for cars, spend time with his familia and get all of his stuff
(the poor guy has about 6 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts in our apartment right now).

It'll be weird to not sleep in the same bed for a few nights :(
I'm sad to be away from him, but it'll be nice for us both to have some family bonding time.

Yay for Bri coming to play with me!

I'll miss you honeybuns

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the woes of running and a mystery gift

This morning I went running for the first time in a
long, long, long time.
And man it showed.
I was huffing and puffing and gasping for air
and seriously considering stopping and going back home and laying in my bed
after about four minutes.
Four minutes!
 Come on Victoria!

I guess I am ridiculously out of shape.
Granted, I didn't work out a lot this summer
and the altitude here is unreal.
But, still.

Brett and I are running the 
on October 29
so I need to start
getting in shape
uhh now.

 Onto another story, Brett and I received this wonderful gift last night:

We heard a really loud, single knock on our door
last night and someone running away.
We thought some kid was playing tricks on us
so we ignored it and didn't even look
Hours later we opened our door to
go for a late night run
and saw the envelope pictured above.
We opened it and found the $50.

There was no name, no address, no nothing.

Dear person who gave this to us,
you are an angel.
Thank you for being so kind
and incredibly generous.
You made our day. . .
well actually our week.

Brett and I are so blessed to have
loving people in our lives.
Receiving this gift has made me want to serve more
because I know how happy an act of service
can make someone.

Smile, because life is wonderful.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

land of the free

My favorite time to be on BYU campus is 5:30 pm.


Because it's when the National Anthem sounds all around
and everyone stops, faces the North, and puts their right hand on their heart
to acknowledge the American flag slowly retiring for the evening.

Cheesy right?

But it honestly touches me every time. Today I almost cried.
I love this country. I'm grateful to live in a place
where I can worship how I please, 
do what I please
and be who I please.

God bless America!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Favorite part of my kitchen:

My turquoise Le Creuset dutch oven.

Favorite part of my day:

Taking pictures of Brett taking a nap.

Happy Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


life is lovely.
Especially when you have fun with friends.
And discover things that make you really happy.

And that all happened yesterday.

New discovery: towel turban (specifically a little turban made out of towel material to wrap around your head). 
It came in a little bathroom kit my mama gave Brett and me.
I love it! And Brett does too because he hates when I let my hair drip on the floor after taking a shower. That has probably been the thing that bugs him the most since we got married ha!
So happy to have a towel turban.

Brett is too :)

Last night, we went to see our good friends Scott and Lindsey.
They made us burgers (d.e.l.i.s.h.) and we ate ice cream, played Blockus
talked and watched Something Borrowed.

 It's so fun and different to hang out with married friends.
I like it and I like bonding with the other wives because
they are young too and can give me advice about
how to be a good wife.  Haha, being a wife is hard ok!

And Brett and I ended the night with some Cheeto Puffs.
Really bad for you, but ridiculously addictive.

We're getting our dinner table today, Huzzah!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

how pathetic am i

that the second my husband leaves to hang out with one of his buddies 
I get all sad.
Get your own life Victoria!
What can I say, I love my husband and I miss him when he's gone.
The end.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

living within our means

Brett is taking a Personal Finance class this semester and 
he is learning some really interesting stuff about how to save and spend money wisely.
Perfect subject for newlyweds I think.
He said that he has learned that the most important
step to becoming financially savvy and smart is to live
within your means.  And as a newlywed, that means to not splurge.
At all.

 I think going from being supported by our parents financially
to all of a sudden having to pay for everything ourselves
has been the biggest adjustment for me in marriage.
And although I can't speak for Brett on everything, 
I think he feels the same way.
We both went from relatively pampered lives to
the lives of a young, married couple in college
trying to get by.
But, it has been the most eye-opening experience
I'm actually extremely grateful for this chance 
to learn to save more and only spend
on the necessities.
I also have learned how to budget a lot better.

 It's been enjoyable to find creative and inexpensive ways 
to have fun.
I actually made a list of fun things we can do!
It includes:
Hiking the Y (duh!)
Cooking and trying new recipes (ok, this counts as free 
because all the food I'll get for the recipes will be from our food budget)
Going to a dollar movie
Playing the games that we got as wedding gifts (Cranium and such)
Picnic at Kiwanis Park
Going on a temple date
Visiting family
DIY projects (refinishing our furniture and making our condo look pretty)
And so much more :)

Anywho, we are looking to buy a car right now, 
so this principle of living within our means
applies most strongly.
I know all girls brag about their husbands on their blogs,
but I just want to say that I'm really grateful
for a hubbie who wants to save
so we won't get into big heaps of debt!

Yay for being frugal.

picture and story overload

Finally found my camera cord to upload pictures! 
So prepare for picture overload and a bombardment of our recent life events.

Our last night in Minnesota, Brett and I went to the Mall of America.  
It was HUGE.  We got lost multiple times.  
There is this sweet amusement park there.  
We didn't ride any of the rides, 
but we took pictures and enjoyed people watching for a bit.

My camera got all funky, so the bottom picture is supposed to be me with the 
giant lego robot.  
The lego store was by far the coolest store there.

We ate at Famous Dave's BBQ in the mall. y.u.m.m.y!!!

Our meals.

And then it was off to Utah and a crazy first week that I mentioned in an earlier post 
and don't really want to think about every again ha!  

The first weekend in Provo we went to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival 
with my aunt and uncle, Kim and Rick, and my cousin Rachel.  
It's so nice to have family live close by.  
Their house is literally three minutes from campus (driving that is).  
I've never had family so close before I came to BYU, and it is 

Rachie poo and I.  She's so tan!

The hubbie and I.

 Aunt Kim and Uncle Rick McCloskey.  

So get this, Aunt Kim is my mom's sister, and Uncle Rick is my dad's brother.  
Brothers married sisters.  
My parents met at their wedding.  Adorable right?  
So their four kids (including Rachel) are my super-cousins.  
We are related to all the same people.
Fun fact about my family dynamics for the day.

The Storytelling Festival was so fun!  
There were about ten different people who shared stories and they were all hilarious!  
Aunt Kim was telling me that it is now the biggest storytelling festival in the world.  

After the festival, Brett and I went to visit our good friends Brian and Jennica Van Blerkom.  
It was nice to see some familiar faces after a life of solitude out in Minnesota.

Sorry, this post is turning into a novel of sorts.

My parents and sister, Briana, drove up from SD on Labor Day
to deliver all of our wedding gifts on their way to drop Bri off at BYU-Idaho. 
They packed up a giant trailer for us
full of all our new kitchen stuff and towels and bedding and everything.
It was so nice to finally get it all!
And it was great to see mi familia too of course.

 My funny dad.

My mom helping me put away all our kitchen stuff.

While my family was here we went to Zupa's, played Boggle, 
watched Just Like Heaven (best chick flick eva!), laughed a lot, 
debated about science and religion, ate, and watched
Dirty Dancing (requested by Jessie McCloskey).

 Our messy messy living room after all our wedding gifts arrived.

 Our "study".  Yeah, we got a lot of work to do.

But we're happy anyway.

This past weekend the hubbie and I went to Texas Roadhouse with said Brian and Jennica and our good friends Stephen and Erin. Yummy food.
We also got a sectional! Woo! 
We finally have some furniture in our living room. Hallelujah.
One of our neighbors helped us move the sectional into our place and his wife invited us over for tacos after.  
We have neighbor friends now. I'm so relieved.

Rachel turned 17 on Sunday (September 11th), 
so we spent the evening at her house and ate amazing shish kabobs.
Happy Birthday cuzzie wuz.

So that is our life.  And that was probably the longest post I've ever done.  
Go me! And go whoever actually read all of it (aka my mama).