Monday, August 15, 2011

marriage advice

Lately I've been going through the marriage advice I received from friends and family at my bridal showers.
I had two bridal showers...the first in Danville, CA where Brett is from and one in San Diego where I'm from.
They were both so much fun and the presents were amazing!
At both showers, all of the ladies gave a piece of advice that they have used in their marriages.

Some of the advice was funny like "Get a negligee with fur at the bottom to keep your neck warm" or "If you're going to fight, do it naked."

But, some of it is really helpful and I've implemented these words of wisdom in my o so young marriage.
Here is the advice I've found the most beneficial:

1) Enjoy every phase and stage of life.  Don't hold the mentality that when this or that happens you will be happy.  Be happy now even if things aren't perfect.
2) Don't try to change your spouse.  You can only change yourself.
3) Feed yourselves before you talk about anything important.
4) If dinner isn't ready, cook onions or garlic to make the house smell good.
5) Even when you have kids, make sure your husband knows he is still your favorite.
6) Make time for yourself and don't stop wearing lingerie.
7) Don't expect him to read your mind.
8) Wear something cute when your hubbie comes home, don't always be in your sweats.
9) Write little love notes.  Put them in his lunch or hide them in places where he will find them.
10) Pray together every night.  Express gratitude for your spouse in prayer.

These are the top 10 that I hold near and dear in my not even 2 month old marriage to my beloved 
Don Brett Candland.

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