Friday, August 26, 2011

i'm obsessed!!!

I grew up listening to a lot of classical and symphonic music.  
I remember Mozart often playing through my house when I was little and I gained a huge appreciation for classical and instrumental music as a child.
We are a very musical mom is harpist, my sister a violist and my brother and I are pianists.
Basically, I love orchestras. All my friends in high school and roommates in college made fun of me because of the music I like to listen to.  I mean, I'd much rather listen to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack or Debussy than the Red Hot Chili Peppers...yes I'm a nerd.

One of the composers that I grew up with is a Greek pianist, keyboardist and creative genius, Yanni.

 He is amazing. And he kind of reminds me of Fabio with his long hair.  This violin solo is from his most famous album Yanni Live at the Acropolis.
It is the best violin solo I have ever heard in my entire life.
Karen Briggs puts her everything into the piece and I love how she jazzes it up.
Please please watch it to see what I mean.

I think music is one of the most powerful, expressive, soul-shaking devices we have on this planet.
And now you know what a dork I am.

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  1. I love that you know Yanni! I haven't met very many people who do. He is awesome! :)