Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the forgotten blog

bleh....blogging.  I'm kind of done with it. Already done with it before I've even actually started.  Great job Victoria.  I guess it's just because I put so much effort into Brett's and my wedding blog that I just don't want to update a real blog.  Plus, my life's not that interesting anyway.  who would want to read a blog about the boring life of Victoria McC---Candland?  
I'll be more interesting once Brett and I are back together (he's in Minnesota right now working for Pinnacle Security.)  And maybe then I'll start blogging again like a good Mormon wife should.  
Or maybe I'll start once Brett and I are actually married....a little more than a month away!! I can't wait!!!! 
Who knows?  No one knows this blog exists anyway.  So this post is purely for my own entertainment and for me to wallow in self-inflicted boredom. 

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  1. Hello Victoria, I'm Brett's cousin (Evelyn's sister's daughter). Living in NYC, so I won't make it to your wedding, unfortunately. But, I just want you to know (which you probably already do) how awesome the Candlands are. I LOVE them all so very very much. Evelyn, Ashley, and Tara are some of my all-time favorite people. You are marrying into one of the sweetest, most charitable, loving families every. Congrats on your quickly approaching wedding!!! *hugs* kiasa