Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ok, sooooooooooooooooooo....this is Brett's and my blog!!! I have told Brett since like October that I'm so, so, so, so stoked to start a blog when we get married (yes, we did know that we were going to get married as early as October).  I figured being engaged is close enough.  I LOVE blogs! I love reading people's blogs and I've become mildly if not fully obsessed with them.  So, now Brett and I are starting our own. Yay Brett! Aren't you excited ;)

Ummmm...I don't really know what to say yet in this blog.  This is my first entry.  What are people supposed to say in their first entry?  Welp....I'm Victoria Kerin McCloskey and I love dancing, writing, reading, being outside, epic movies, Brett, ice cream, traveling and going to musicals and shows.  And my fiance is Brett Candland and he loves cryptozoology, the history channel, basketball, the Utah Jazz, funny movies, cars, his family and me (hopefully ;)).

Our wedding is June 25th in the LDS Oakland Temple at 12:00 and we couldn't be more excited!!! I've known I wanted to marry Brett for quite some time.  So, I'm so glad I snagged him and we are tying the knot!!  I would have had Brett write in this blog today, but he's super sick. 

Anywho, I feel like this entry was kind of schizophrenic and all over the place, but no me importa.  Thanks for reading!! I hope everyone finds love and gets engaged because it is simply the best!